An Introduction

Hi there,

May God Bless You.

For me, Stocks are the most interesting things now. I am a professional trader and I want to achieve financial freedom. I worked as an Equity Analyst, and as a Sr. Relationship Executive. I am basically from Kerala (Gods Own Country). Lives in Calicut→Bangalore→Mumbai. People would say money doesn’t matter.  What matters most is the way we create wealth.

I want financial freedom so I can travel where ever I want to, I can read any book I want to, and I want to be liberated from orders, I want to spend the same for a good cause, a social cause. 

I want to Travel, Experience, and Excel. I’m no longer be wasting my time.I have to answer when God asks me what have done with your ‘Youth’.? I want to be a wise man, I want to experience and learn the wisdom in this world. I am no longer going to dream and sit back. I will work for what I want to be.

I love reading books and I like swimming. I would stay in the water for hours just like that. Which helps me to think differently.

Here, In this blog  I will write my drems, what ever things which comes in to mind and many other things which i observes. I don’t know if it is a lifestyle blog or a finance blog. I don’t care. I will write as long as i have the capability to understand what is right and What is wrong.

A ton thanks for Stopping By and Reading.

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